EZ Garden Border by the Brick

EZ Garden Border by the Brick

Welcome to EZ Design Services

We design and sell custom garden molds to residential and commercial customers. Whether you are building a garden border or a retaining wall, the individual bricks produce by our molds allow for incredible flexibility as oppose to a continuous cast wall or border. The unique benefit is that our bricks molds allow you to cast exactly what you need for your project and then some.

To see an installation video of bricks cast in our molds please click here.


Play the video below to see how EZ the installation is.

And when you're done gardening,                 Make something

The future is yours to imagine

All 3d designs were accomplish using Autodesk Fusion 360.
For ease of use I give this program 10 of 10, Never be afraid of learning CAD again. 
Then to put your mind at ease , Autodesk customer support is second to none.


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